As Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan we are fast becoming a leading provider

Recruitment Services as a Foreign Employment Agency in Pakistan We are a POEPA-certified Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan that can help you to achieve your dream as your local Foreign Employment Advisor. We are proudly one of the first licensed recruitment agencies in Pakistan for the Gulf. Apart from GCC countries, we are promoting overseas employment for Malaysia and even helping to find jobs for Pakistanis in Japan. Foreign Employment Advisory Service Due to the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ endorsement,

 We have all updates on recent overseas jobs for Pakistanis. From exporting oil and gas manpower to Pakistan to providing foreign employment advice to executives, we help employers and employees at every step. We rely on the Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan, which can help find technical and non-technical labor jobs in the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. In the role of job prospectors overseas, helps hundreds of candidates land and exemplifies jobs in their industry every month. We have corporate offices in Islamabad / Rawalpindi and Karachi. We provide foreign employment consulting for candidates interested in foreign jobs for Pakistan in Qatar. Our role as overseas job promoters at overseas employment promoters, we offer recruitment services either through our employer or through the employer if the employer sends an interview to their HR representative and we send him / her accommodation from the airport to the hotel. We will provide you with transportation up to and locally –

Why are we leading an overseas employment agency Pakistan? We ensure client satisfaction by launching a rigorous recruitment process consisting of multiple stages to meet only the most suitable candidates on offer. We can be absolutely certain that only the best, most dedicated candidates can successfully complete our recruitment process and we have full confidence in recommending them to our respected clients. The first important step: “Understanding your expectations and needs” is where we carefully review your position. , Engineer, Accountant, Labor, Supervisor and Technician. As Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan weis fast becoming a leading provider of recruitment services in Pakistan.

 We maintain a strategic partnership with Pakistan’s most advanced workforce advisors and suppliers and it has helped us provide stronger and better services to our clients. We help individual candidates execute their skills, handle their aspirations, and achieve career aspirations, while safeguarding, maintaining and aligning their clients’ strategic goals. Each month, helps hundreds of candidates land and work abroad in their industry. We have corporate offices in Islamabad / Rawalpindi and Karachi.

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