We provide of highly talented and capable workforce

We are a professional HR, recruitment, selection, outsourcing and workforce sourcing company and have all kinds of categories such as managers, engineers, accountants, supervisors, technicians (such as mechanics, drivers, operators, welders, refrigerators, plumbers, electricians, carpenters). In the Middle East, Middle East in its projects, various industries from Pakistan are skilled, semi-skilled and skilled manpower, working, machinist, architect, helper, etc. Our manpower agency is contributing to the development and development of the country through the export of highly talented and capable workforce. The workforce recruits in place of recruitment services, conducts interviews, and selects employees on the written receipt of their client’s written request. Employers or their representatives to discuss salaries and briefings about their legal rights, terms and conditions, travel abroad and familiarity with their culture, language, food and customs or Assist potential employers through a short list of candidates for the final interview from their representatives. Arrange for trade test centers and medical inspections to provide the host country’s candidates with essential services such as identity cards, passports, and all government requirements.

Obtaining a visa from the relevant embassy / consulate Booking and purchase of air tickets. Inform the Employer at every step of the progress Benefits of our Overseas Employment Agency Our employment agency has a well-equipped office that is highly experienced and trained recruitment agency for some degree of demand execution. Developed by the staff of the staff of our efficient and senior workforce agency can go through the selection process and consequently the processing and paperwork in the shortest possible time. At  Overseas employment agency in Pakistan our team of staffing agency specialists can select the right candidate for the job description at your overseas employment agency. This team is honest and sincere and does not take any presents or condolences from potential employees. The selection is made solely on the basis of merits and abilities. Our manpower agency always complies with its promise and in line with customer guidelines. We have a workforce team that specializes in a variety of fields and a panel of legal advisers helps us with our manpower employment services.

Falishamanpower.com has arrangements for leading trade centers to evaluate candidates’ skills and practice as well as theoretical information. We make arrangements with state-owned medical test centers to screen jobs for medical care. We have helped a lot in promoting overseas employment abroad. We are the cornerstone in the field of employment promotion abroad. For the past thirty-five years, we have been serving our nation through the promotion of overseas employment. Many people enjoy our active, reliable and disciplined service. We are not doing this with the spirit of making a profit, but with the spirit of serving our nation. We are dealing with the Middle East, including the US, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and so on.

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